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Commissioned portraits

A portrait is made as a result of a photo session. The photo session takes place at the studio, but can also be done at an agreed location. In consultation, the most suitable photo will be selected on which the portrait will be based. And the entire photo session will be sent to you free of charge as an 'extra'.


Techniques and dimensions

Various techniques are possible. See several examples below. The portrait can be worked out in pencil, paint or in a mixed technique. On a surface of sturdy paper, wood or linen.

The costs for a portrait vary from 475 to 825 euros, depending on the technique and dimensions. A 10% discount is given for more than 1 portrait in an assignment. For an exact price quote, click here for a quote.


Portrait of a deceased person

It is also possible to make a portrait of someone who has died, if suitable images exist. Do you want to know whether the photo is suitable for having a portrait made? Send the photo via this email address .

Mixed Media